Why Should I See a Catholic Therapist?

Does it Matter if I See a Secular Therapist or a Catholic Therapist?

Therapy has transformed the lives of many individuals and families. However, there are various conceptions regarding therapy among Catholics. There are also people who think faith is sufficient to deal with every kind of situation and going for therapy shows a lack of trust in God. Undeniably, faith is something that helps us live a happier life, but it doesn’t make people immune to stress, anxiety, depression.

There are times when you need help and by help, we mean professional help that can be best given by a Catholic therapist. Why? Because, unlike other therapists, a Catholic therapist takes three dimensions within their purview– your body, mind, and spirit. They assess your stability and problems not only based on obvious signs and symptoms but also on those things that affect your true nature as a being.

Does it Make Sense to Consider Religion While Undergoing Therapy?

In an ideal world, therapists are supposed to be neutral about religion and values. But you know that we aren’t living in an ideal world. Just like everyone else, every therapist has viewpoints and values upon which they build their belief systems. For therapy to be most effective, it is essential that both the therapist and the client need to be authentic and compatible.

Several types of issues are encountered during a therapy that affects our moral lives and that may not have universal acceptance. There are good things and bad things according to our society and that can change in our relativistic society.

For instance, in the 1980s, divorce was considered a better option and it was assumed that children are better off with separated happy parents rather than living with two unhappy parents that remain together. But this belief has reversed now as research has shown better results with the contrary solution. Now, the trend is to preserve families… but not in extreme cases. A lot of beliefs have changed now. So, in such situations, the beliefs and values of a therapist matter a lot in therapeutic outcomes.

Thus, rather than assuming that your therapist is neutral to religion or belief system, it is better to consult someone who states upfront what their values are, what beliefs they have, and what therapeutic approaches they follow. Believe us this would protect you from wasting your precious time and mental suffering due to incompatibility in the long run.

Since you are going to reveal your inner sufferings, pain, vulnerability, and conditions, a therapist has an influential position and a client can be easily swayed by the belief system of a therapist in several circumstances. It matters a lot if you are trying to save your marriage and especially when you are bringing your child.

Thus, when you don’t want to undermine your Christian beliefs and entrusting your child’s or your psychological and moral health, it clearly makes sense to see a Catholic Therapist in Florida or wherever you live.