Catholic Therapy

Healing The Mind Body & Spirit

A person may wonder what the difference between secular counselors and Catholic counselors is? The difference is how the person is viewed in each counseling. We, the Catholic therapists, perceive the person's wholeness, discerning the three fundamental dimensions of a human being: mind, body, and spirit. This ontological view includes the person's objective value as an image and likeness of God, and that person has a call to flourish and succeed in life.

Helping You Discover The Meaning & Purpose Of Life ​

Catholic therapy has this ontological dimension that embraces the spirituality and likeness of God. God has designed a perfect plan for every individual's life. Catholic therapy helps you discover the meaning, the purpose of life, and your potential to succeed in life. Empirical research has shown that religiosity and spiritual life knowledge positively affect self-perception and self-worth. Individuals who develop a belief system have more settled lives concerning their career, family life, and relationships. Catholic psychologist helps clients to strengthen and develop a belief system and use it as a mechanism to cope in difficult moments and make the right decisions.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

  • Instead of viewing suffering as an evil to be avoided and working to alleviate it by reducing symptoms immediately, Catholic therapy aims to get to the heart of the matter. God can redeem our sufferings. With this fundamental truth in mind, as a Catholic therapist, I work with my clients to aid this process and, in doing so, allow for true healing. By fully integrating a person's body and spirit, freedom follows. At CM Therapy Solutions, my Catholic counseling services provide ongoing support to the local community through affordable quality therapy with a unique perspective that upholds our Catholic faith's richness. Understanding that each person has God-given dignity and inherent goodness, I accompany my clients on their journey towards healing and change.

Providing Solution-Focused Catholic Counseling In Florida

Are you looking for Catholic therapists in Miami? Get in touch with me at CM Therapy Solutions. I provide counseling from a Catholic perspective for individuals, couples, and families to collaboratively establish goals considering the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life.