"Struggling with spiritual warfare that led to psychological issues. How do I know Carolina’s led by the Holy Spirit to assist patients with spiritual direction? Because each session includes divine confirmation. I’m moved to buy a certain book, and at session she shows me she just bought the same book! I’m moved to record a beautiful hymn from church to help me with anxiety, and at session she says she’s texting me calming religious music to add to my daily prayer! I feel safe divulging Anything with Carolina. Through truth and guidance we’re working to discern what’s happening in my psychological & spiritual life so I can find peace and direction."


“For a long time, I contemplated very hard seeking therapy to address my increasing symptoms of anxiety, and the thought of going with a professional that was not sincerely vested in my emotional well-being was very frightening. I came across ‘CM Therapy Solutions’ and upon my first phone consultation with my therapist, I knew that God had placed me in the right path. My experience with ‘CM Therapy Solutions’ has transformed my life for the best and today, I am thankful for the emotional healing that they brought to my life. The spiritual connection during each of my visits as well as after each visit was incredible. They helped to solidify my connection with God, increased my trust and faith and provided emotional stability and peace within myself, as well as my relationship with my family.

If you are looking for a therapist that will offer genuine emotional and spiritual healing, and someone who is truly bestowed in your emotional well-being, CM Therapy is where you belong.”

- K. B


"Es indudable que gracias a su experiencia y la forma de guiar las sesiones se descubren nuevas herramientas para lograr ser mejores personas y tener una nueva perspectiva del entorno, del ser y de nuestra espiritualidad. La ansiedad es real pero se puede superar !!


-N. Q.


“We are so happy to have found CM Therapy Solutions for help with our child anxiety. A therapy program base on our Catholic faith was important to us and Carolina was a perfect fit. After few month sessions we noticed significant difference in our child level of anxiety and overall happiness”

- P. G